Your Privacy is Our Policy

We not only will not provide your email address to anyone, we actually work rather hard to keep it secret. Your address will not be provided to anyone who is not our employee unless we have your permission or are required to do so by law.

We further protect your privacy and email security in general by requiring that new subscribers “confirm” or “verify” their subscription request. This prevents people from harassing others by subscribing them to something they may not want. When you subscribe, we send a message asking you to confirm your subscription. You must click the link in this message before your subscription will be activated. Of course, you may always cancel (or “unsubscribe”) at any time: there is a link at the bottom of every email to make it easy.

In addition, it is our policy to never sell customer postal addresses, either. So if you buy anything from us, the information you provide us to deliver what you order is also kept confidential. We miss out on profit opportunities by not selling our customer addresses, but that’s how we want to be treated by the companies we do business with, so that’s how we treat our customers.